Innovation Barometer 2014

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Pillars of Innovation

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How We Compare

Participants were asked to rank all other participating countries (including their own) in how far they have developed an innovation conductive environment. The response could be any value between 1 and 10. 1 means a poor innovation conducive environment. 10 means a country has a strong innovation conductive environment. The diagram below shows countries and the percentage they were selected 7 or higher.


GE's Pillars of Innovation

Australia’s strongest pillar, with top quartile rankings for math & science education and quality of scientific research institutions. Conversely, below average for availability of scientists and engineers

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    Each bar diagram depicts responses by country.

    Select a country in the list to highlight that country. Rollover a country to compare.

    Each region is represented by its own color for quicker reference.

    In the compare view, you can roll over a country or a box for more specific information. The darker squares represents a higher score and lighter squares represent a lower score. Use the region selector to filter countries.

    About the visualization

    For the fourth consecutive year, GE surveyed senior business executives around the world about their views on innovation. The survey explores how the perception of innovation is changing in a complex, globalized environment. This tool is designed to help you visually explore the relationships within the data and compare differences between countries.

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